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Stock It
The challenge for the next two weeks is to use any type of stock images/textures in your icons.
I provided a few, but you can use anything you want :)

As for now your suggestion was to continue with this community. If it changes after this challenge I'll let you know. The poll is open, so if you want to cast your vote, you still can.

appleindecay | linesfade | shameless666 | tardis_mafia

[Stock Textures]

acupofgraphics | cinderellasymptom | cookiestome | evenstarss

evenstarss | fassy | fauxism | growling

poisonfield | sweettasteofbitter x2 | talipuu

★ You can make up to 4 icons
★ You can use any comic related movies and tv shows screencaps. Also comic book pages or graphics from all publishing companies.
★ You may only use characters/fandoms that originated in comic book format, not on television/film.
★ Post your icon and the icon url in a new post to the community
★ Tag you entry with your usename
★ Your icons must conform to LJ standards (100x100, 40 KB)
★ Remember icons must be made by you, and exclusively for this challenge!
★ All effects are allowed (as long as it fits the current challenge's theme)
Icons are due Sunday, December 18th by 9pm (GMT+2) [Countdown]
★ If you have some question, just ask!
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